American Wellness

At Last!!! A natural approach to Health Care!

What is at American Wellness?

Natural product sales:  herb supplements, CBD, essential oils, and more.

Yoga, massage therapy, light therapy, energy therapy, foot detox, and more.

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  • The Smoothie Shack
  • Goal: To offer the community health snack options
  • Natural Juice Smoothies
  • Healthy snacks such as:
    ◇ Protein cookies
    ◇ Fresh fruit
    ◇ Other snacks
  • Coming soon — natural juicing ordering options
    ◇ Detox offerings
    ◇ Individualized juicing regimens
  • (IV hydration/ injectable services)
  • Coming 2023

American Wellness is a health/wellness center focusing on empowering health and wellness through a multitude of offerings. We currently offer holistic health coaching by our NP,  expert guidance of alternative therapies, a natural medicinal boutique, foot detox, and yoga. 

Coming soon is a smoothie/juice bar, Infusion/ Injectable clinic, light therapy, beauty clinics, massage, and more. All of these are not necessities for disease but complementary therapy that can improve overall health

Gina Goodman

Owner of American Wellness

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